Gavin AdvertisingHistory and Home

Welcome to Downtown York City.
We’re not new, we’re fresh. Like creative flirtation.

In 1901, 328 W. Market St. was the H. Westley Furniture Company. In 1953, it merged into the John A. Waltersdorf Building. In the ’90s it was a sewing machine repair shop and an antique store. Today,
it’s home.

Part of Gavin’s approach is tied closely to being connected to spaces that are alive with creativity and diversity.
It is what inspires us to think beyond the expected. Surround yourself with opportunities to be engaged and see what happens. This is why we are proudly located in Downtown York.

gavin design team
gavin's front desk

We work with clients all over the world.
You can find our clients from Maine to Georgia and as far away as Holland, but York is home base for us. We intend to put this town on the creativity map, with new thinking and a team that attracts the best talent and game-changing brands.

Little city. Big idea people. Main Street is going to give Madison Avenue a run for its money.

Why We Chose York