Our Commitment toAccessibility

At Gavin, we make it a priority to internally and externally promote our commitment to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion for all.

Whether visitors to our website are using assistive devices like screen readers, visiting on a mobile device or a regular desktop computer, our goal is for all visitors to have an optimal experience while surfing our site.

How Do We Ensure ADA Web Compliance?

As a full-service agency, continuing to position ourselves as an industry leader includes ensuring we’re always on top of W3 guidelines for web best practices and standards. With this in mind, our dedicated and highly skilled digital team partnered with advocacy groups, attended workshops on ADA compliance and researched the subject extensively.

We have updated our website to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA, as this is recognized as the international standard of success for web compliance under the American Disabilities Act of 1972.

Additionally, we regularly test our website to ensure we’re accommodating any new accessibility standards set forth by the Department of Justice.

We constantly immerse ourselves in the topic of web accessibility to ensure we’re maintaining the most current best practices for web standards on our own website and advising our clients appropriately on how to make their own websites accessible under WCAG 2.0.

What We’ve Done to Ensure ADA Compliance on Our Website:

  1. Our entire site is keyboard navigable.
  2. All menus (standard, dropdown, fly-out) are keyboard accessible, requiring no cursor or mouse interaction.
  3. All images and links are explicitly structured to provide descriptive information to a screen reader device, while also eliminating redundant information that would otherwise confuse a screen reader/user (e.g. multiple links on an image, headline and “read more” tag which link to the same destination).
  4. All forms are accessible using a keyboard to accommodate users with mobility issues and provide feedback for any actions taken by the user.
  5. Multimedia: A reasonable attempt has been made to provide appropriate closed captioning, subtitles, and/or transcripts to sounds and video assets used on the site.
  6. Design: Some aesthetic or decorative elements (e.g. background patterns, shapes or imagery) which do not add to the informative or service-based aspects of the site have been appropriately hidden from the screen reader device so as to provide the best experience for all users.
We are constantly learning and making our very best effort to ensure WCAG 2.0 guidelines are met at all times. If you have any feedback or are experiencing any issues, please email us at gavin@gavinadv.com or call 717.848.8155.