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We’ve assembled a diverse set of big brand experience, knowledge of regional economies and market know-how into one team. All under one roof, your Gavin team is made up of folks who live digital lives, passionately move people through authentic connections and thrive on delivering results.

How Gavin DefinesWe Culture

[wee * kuhl-cher] | noun

Working together in our house of talent to collaborate, solve problems and be better tomorrow than we were today.

Caleb sleeping on the job. Duff sleeping on the job. Spence playing the guitar. The PR team out to lunch.
Photo of the team upstairs. Ryan giving the thumbs up. Mandy looking through a view finder. Eden working at her desk.
Picture of Duff, the office English Bulldog, chewing on a toy.

Meet Duff. He’s our client greeter, team mascot and high-quality entertainer. Follow his office adventures with #itsadufflife.

Gavin’s We Culture Core Value

At Gavin, we see ourselves as collaborative problem-solvers. We know that it takes a team to effectively do our job. Each person spends more time giving credit than taking it. We believe that nurturing great talent, working together and pushing one another to greater outcomes is absolutely necessary for our success.

We’re proud of our digs at Gavin, so we invite you to take The Duff Office Tour

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#GavinFun Behind The Scenes

Is it any wonder that a creative agency had two - count ‘em, two - finalists for York Story Slam’s Grand Slam? Congrats to @maryelzabeth and @artc.rob! . . . #yorkstoryslam #storyslam #storytellers #grandslam

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How It Works

We always think before we create, and we strive to be better tomorrow than we were today — without prompting. We respectfully push one another to achieve things we didn’t realize we were capable of, and we anticipate tomorrow with a plan and a willingness to take on any challenge.

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