Glatfelter Insurance

It starts with effective, targeted messaging for every media. Glatfelter Insurance Group enlisted the help of our team to develop precise marketing and marketing messaging to better engage target audiences and communicate its unique points of differentiation within each of its insurance programs.

What We Did

  • Voice of Customer Messaging.
  • Divisional Advertising Campaigns.
  • Corporate Digital Marketing Standards.
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO Trade.

Working with Glatfelter, we conquered complex industry topics and selling points to develop trade-specific campaigns that differentiated them from the competition. Through voice-of-consumer research, we were able to design and develop user-friendly, SEO ready websites. With strong, clear messages and new visuals to reinforce each of its insurance program’s divisional brands, Glatfelter was ready to take on the industry.

Segmentation Designed for Amplification

Working in conjunction with the Glatfelter team, we transformed complex industry topics and selling points into digestible content and campaigns that would resonate with their unique target audiences across 5 different divisions.

Niche audiences want to feel understood. With this in mind, for V F I S we coordinated a photoshoot with lifestyle scenarios geared toward firefighters. The photos were used for ad campaigns and website imagery, helping to stretch the budget further and create a cohesive look across various media.

Taking great website design a step further, a good look is meaningless without a solid SEO platform behind it. If your audience can’t find your beautiful website, it’s pretty much a moot point. Right?

Starting with SEO best practices, we designed sites catering to each segmented audience. This meant keyword research from five different points of view, as well as designing an interface that could be easily navigated by each audience.

Glatfelter Insurance Group was established in 1951 on the principals of trust, service and value. Today. Glatfelter Insurance Group is one of the largest privately owned insurance brokers in the United States with more than 500 associates serving 30,000 clients.