AVI Atlanta, GA

Establishing a company as an expert when it already is an expert isn’t all that complicated. But creating a brand and building awareness behind that fact is what we do best.

What We Did

  • Marketing Plan/Campaign Development.
  • Video Series Production.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising.
  • Data and Consumer Analysis.
  • Social Media.

When AVI Marvin wanted to increase its brand equity through credibility and education in the Atlanta region, it turned to the Gavin team for our ability to develop digital marketing campaigns that produce results.

Analyze, Implement & Repeat

We developed a digital marketing campaign designed to include a landing page built for conversion, a video series catered to consumer education and product knowledge, and pay-per-click advertising to maximize reach and awareness. We collaborated with the experts behind KnowYourWindows.com to deliver a campaign that continues to drive brand awareness and generate leads.

The KnowYourWindows.com landing page became the second largest traffic driver to AVI Marvin’s website. Lead generation increased through video content that covered topics relating to the exceptional difference and product offerings behind AVI Marvin. The brand became successfully positioned as consumer advocates, craftsmen and trusted experts in the region with targeted social and online advertising.

Analyzing the campaign’s historic performance in Google Analytics and Adwords month over month and year over year, keeps the campaign fresh for unique users as well as repeat visitors through ongoing SEO efforts — Ay Bee testing ads and ad groups — and constantly reevaluating lead generation opportunities with consumer, value-added incentives. What is proven to work best today will not always be the best practice tomorrow, because user behavior is ever dynamic. That's why our approach to digital marketing campaigns strives for continuous improvement. Repeating the process of implementation and analysis is key to ongoing success.

AVI in Atlanta, Georgia, is a premier window and door supplier offering Marvin windows and doors, and specializing in custom window and door design.