Kunzler & Company Inc

Bacon lovers rejoice.

What We Did

  • Redefined the User Experience
  • Overhauled Social Media Integration
  • Expanded the Recipes section and Added Sharing Capabilities
  • Expanded the Products Pages
  • Optimized the Site for Search
  • Created a Where-to-Buy Integrated Map
  • Launched a Promotional Campaign to Promote the New Site

A well-built site that drives sales is about much more than product beauty shots — even when it comes to bacon. That’s why, in working with Lancaster-based Kunzler & Company Inc to re-design its website, we crafted a strategy based on customer needs.

A great user experience was at the top of the “must-haves” list, with easy access to nutritional information, where to buy, and recipe ideas that nearly doubled traffic within four weeks of the site’s launch.

A Sizzling Strategy for Improved User Experience

We started by doing our homework, going straight to the people who interact with Kunzler customers on a day-to-day basis: the customer service team. Armed with knowledge as to what types of calls they were most commonly fielding our team crafted a plan sure to address those items on the new website.

Here’s what we found: Customers want nutritional information, recipe ideas, and to find out where they can buy Kunzler products. Although the food retail industry’s distribution model doesn’t allow brands to control which exact products are sent to which exact stores, we created a unique, integrated map that shows all stores that carry Kunzler products, giving avid fans a great place to start their search.

A more ideal user-experience continued on the products page, where we added hot links to areas of major interest for the audience: nutrition facts, product description, allergens, where to buy and recipes associated with that particular product. We also added filters to the recipes page, which allows Kunzler fans to search recipes by product, an added convenience.

We entice consumers to return by providing relevant content that appeals to the user, including a social media campaign called “Bacon Love Photo Contest” to engage the vast audience of bacon-lovers using a hashtag of #baconlovephoto. The post-launch campaign re-enforced Kunzler’s newly established look and helped expand their audience.

The proof is in the results. Within just one month of launch, we eliminated 3,039 crawl errors from the old site, ensuring the new site’s content is being indexed by Google. Page views increased by 89%, sessions are up 85% and users are up 82%, indicating Kunzler’s new site is reaching a whole new audience.

Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Kunzler & Company, Inc has been producing quality meats for over 100 years. A marketer, manufacturer and distributor of natural hardwood smoked hams and bacon, hot dogs, sausages, scrapple, deli meats and specialty snack items, the company’s core distribution of products extends from Upstate New York to Florida.