Trespa North America

When Trespa was looking for support to establish a consistent sales and marketing message throughout its north american division and geography, it turned to the gavin team for our extensive channel marketing experience in the building supply industry.

What We Did

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy/Consulting.
  • Segment and Divisional Messaging Creation.
  • Marketing Plan Development.
  • Design and Copywriting.
  • Public Relations.

We worked with Trespa to assess its entire sales channel, from manufacturer to fabrication to the property owner to ensure that the new marketing approach leveraged the most relevant selling features and benefits in relation to the market’s true opportunities and needs.

A Plan Designed For Success and Team Buy-In

As part our support of Trespa, we developed a comprehensive marketing plan that served as a solid foundation for sales growth and provided a strategic plan to increase communication across all teams — even across the Atlantic Ocean with the parent company, Trespa International. Armed with this road map, we worked with the entire Trespa team, from sales and marketing to education and compliance, to gain market influence and brand awareness that drives sales.

Our work with Trespa is expansive, including trade show marketing, communications management, sales materials, video case studies, public relations, email marketing and ongoing consulting to address opportunities in real time.

The results went far beyond moving architectural panels. Earned media coverage and product placements in top national trade publications delivered a powerful punch of exposure that reached more than 1.4 million targeted decision makers and influencers in the industry, increasing brand awareness among key audiences in domestic markets that drives sales inquiries.

We were able to help move the entire channel toward brand buy-in, ultimately resulting in a multiplier effect. As our team established improved marketing consistencies that supported targeted sales segments and geographic opportunity creation, Trespa’s partners wanted to invest more time, energy and support to build the brand and sales.

Trespa North America is the North America division of Trespa International B.V., a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials, recognized internationally as the premier developer of high-quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative facades, and interior surfaces.