Gavin created a six-month, grant-funded campaign across multiple digital and print platforms to spread a consistent message.

What We Did

  • Voice of Customer Messaging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Design and Branding
  • Email Marketing

Despite its 30-year span in York City, the Bureau often worked behind the scenes. To bring the Bureau into the public spotlight, Gavin developed consistent messaging, positioning the Bureau as a knowledgeable community resource, and built strategic local partnerships through marketing materials and secured press coverage.

A Holistic Approach to Community Action

We started with a national message and tailored it to the local community. Gavin incorporated the national Million Hearts initiative into a local partnership opportunity for the Bureau of Health, pairing the Bureau with a health center, pharmacy and community organization, to cast a widespread message and garner media attention.

We developed consistent marketing messaging for the Bureau, engaging audiences across both digital and print platforms.

Gavin nurtured initial media contact into continuous coverage of the Bureau’s day-to-day operations, from the hiring of a new medical director to the hosting of an immunization clinic.

Gavin produced significant outcomes in advertising media equivalency, social media presence, patient participation and overall outreach. Through our comprehensive approach, we secured 155,000 in advertising media equivalency, reached 15 million people through traditional media and an additional 50,000 through social media.

The City of York – Bureau of Health prevents and promotes awareness of national and local health issues, ranging from heart disease to immunizations and breastfeeding. The Bureau regularly assesses York City’s needs to determine health services offered and health policies administered.